Holiday reads to reboot your leadership

A selection from the past few months of our most popular articles and videos which we think are worth adding to your reading list.


Reading time: 3 mins

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Assessment practices for the demands of today

As organisations are challenged to identify and develop leaders who can navigate complex and uncertain environments, our 2019 study into leadership assessment practices reinforces the view that leadership assessment approaches are required.


Reading time: 14 mins

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Seeing things differently in a very different world

Francois Coumau shares his views on the different environments within which leaders are now operating and explains how MDV’s developmental assessment is helping him to see things differently.


Reading time: 8 mins

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A leader’s views on complexity, adult development and vertical leadership assessment

VIDEO: We hear from a leader (Holger Kujath) about the complexity he faces, his views on adult development and what his experience was of undergoing a MDV vertical assessment compared to previous assessments he's undertaken.


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Developmental coaching – growing leaders for a complex world

Developmental coaching not only helps clients tackle immediate problems but helps develop new skills of thinking to make greater sense of their challenges and identify new perspectives. It is uniquely placed to support leaders in elevated sense-making.


Reading time: 4.5 mins

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Making sense of complexity and chaos

This episode of ‘Out of the Comfort Zone’ deconstructs what today's VUCA world means for leaders. Offering a message of hope, it describes how capacities can be grown to make sense of and equip ourselves to navigate today's complexity and chaos and shares practices to help with this.


Reading time: 4 mins

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The value of Vertical Development

VIDEO - Mike Vessey interviews Karen Ellis on the value of Vertical Development in leadership development and building the underlying capacities an individual brings to their work.


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Unlocking organisational potential with capabilities

How can leaders’ potential be unlocked by understanding the differences between competencies and capabilities? Our breakfast looked at key factors to consider when revisiting competency frameworks


Reading time: 11 mins

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Talent management: the High Potential’s perspective

Exploring the experiences of mid- to senior level managers in high potential development programmes.


Reading time: 10 mins

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Coaching: perspectives from the High Potential and the Coach

What do coaches and coachees expect from high potential coaching and what do they get?


Reading time: 10 mins

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Thriving through today’s complex and uncertain times with adult development

VIDEO. A fun look at how our worlds are becoming more complex and faster than we can keep up. Adult development offers a solution for leaders' growth to close the gap between our abilities and our increasingly complex environments.


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Leading in Complex Times event September 2018

VIDEO: This video takes a look at the amazing day which was the Leading in Complex Times event.


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