About MDV Consulting

MDV is a leadership and talent consultancy, serving clients across the UK and Europe.

We design and deliver assessment methodologies and processes that enable you to get the right talent in the right roles, fundamentally reducing the well-documented costs of getting it wrong. We accelerate individual and group development, to help you maximise the value of the people you select, recognising that you need top talent to deliver quickly and add value to your bottom line. Finally, we design your supporting infrastructure, connecting the pieces that enable people to thrive and deliver results.

Having grown rapidly and built an enviable blue-chip client base, MDV, through an international associate network, has now strengthened its client offering by collaborating with a range of skilled development and assessment colleagues globally working in the adult development (or vertical development) arena.

Additionally, we have strengthened our European reach, operating out of London, Zurich and Vienna to deliver our distinctive blend of skills, experience, sector knowledge and style to suit your needs.

MDV Consulting collaborates with a range of skilled and highly experienced development and assessment professionals across the globe to deliver projects internationally.