Research and Innovation Alliance

The MDV Consulting Research and Innovation Alliance (RIA) is a creative collaboration between specialists in vertical and leadership assessment and development. It began as a client working group, following increasing interest from MDV Consulting’s clients in the value of what is now called Vertical Development. These clients were saying that disruption in their environments was causing them to seek solutions to build the underlying capacity of their leaders to think, relate and act in more expansive ways in order to navigate an increasing complexity and uncertainty.

Mike Vessey, Managing Partner of MDV Consulting, undertook some client-system exploration and then approached organisation consultant and leadership development designer, Karen Ellis with her 15 years of experience in the vertical field, to work with MDV consultants. Further leadership and assessment experts, all with over 20 years’ experience, were brought in to share their knowledge. The goal was to create a practical, leading edge approach, encompassing the best of various theories and models underpinning adult development or (as more popularly known) Vertical Development. The Alliance has undertaken a vast exploration of theoretical research and rigour underpinning Vertical Development. Julie Allan, psychologist, author and wisdom researcher, was invited to bring her adult development insight to the approach and take forward the RIA’s first Whitepaper.

The Research and Innovation Alliance currently includes Karen Ellis, Julie Allan, Carol Jefkins, Judith Ward, Jo Hennessy and Mike Vessey.