Your organisation needs the right people, in the right roles, with the capabilities to flex quickly and navigate complexity if your strategy becomes disrupted.

Our assessments add value to your organisation, by understanding what is critical to you and helping you identify those individuals who have the greatest potential to achieve your aims and thrive if your business environment is disrupted. Whether you’re selecting, promoting, restructuring or reviewing your talent in depth, we can help.

A tailored approach to your assessment needs

We tailor our work to suit your context and budget. Together, we assess the landscape of the role, its precise demands, how your culture and values influence selection, and what you hope to achieve with the successful candidate in place.

Our robust, responsive and insightful leadership assessments make sure you have the right people in your crucial positions.

Leadership assessment

New conceptualisations of leadership are needed in today’s turbulent world – leaders who cannot only deliver when the way ahead is clear, but who can also navigate, pivot quickly and transform under conditions of complexity and uncertainty. For new concepts of leadership, a new approach to leadership assessment is needed.

We look beyond the usual personality styles, behavioural traits and abilities, drawing upon the concept of Vertical Development to assess how a leader makes sense of the information, relations and the world around them.  Where complexity and volatility are the norm, these sense-making capacities are a valuable additional lens into where individuals place their attention, the inferences they draw and their actions.

We take a person-centric and engaging approach to give a holistic view of the leader’s unique profile. Our approach is developmental, believing the assessment should be informative, engaging and insightful for the candidate as well.

At the core of our assessment process is an in-depth lifecycle interview, undertaken by highly experienced assessors, and incorporating insights from a variety of appropriate psychometrics. Where appropriate we will also recommend additional tools such as simulations, case studies or the Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), a powerful measure of cognitive complexity.

Following the assessment, we prepare a detailed report for you, identifying distinctive strengths and likely development areas and the individual’s potential in a range of capability areas including how they are likely to navigate ambiguity and complexity.

High potential and career development assessment

In an increasingly connected and relational world the competitive advantage will be your pipeline of agile and transformational leaders. To lead effectively, leaders need not only the skills and knowledge but the capabilities to make sense of complexity, navigate internal and external stakeholder relationships and manage their reactions to uncertainty.

We use our executive assessment tools to evaluate your existing people and teams, and enable their development. These assessments are often combined with leadership training and coaching. Our reviews give you, and the people involved, powerful insights into their leadership strengths as well as organisational leadership limitations. We identify implications for their careers and for your organisational growth.

At the same time, we encourage people to consider your organisation’s future needs. This enables them to identify how they can contribute and the support they need to access, to achieve their full potential within your business.

Graduate assessment

Today’s uncertainty makes predicting strategic challenges almost impossible. We understand your difficulties in recruiting graduates – if you can’t predict the challenges, how can you predict the skills and capabilities needed to face these by your future talent pipeline?

We  design practical and reliable processes for you to deliver large scale assessments, giving an accurate insight into those candidates with the greatest potential and agility to grow and deliver in your organisation.

We help you review the business landscape and your criteria and then design the most efficient and effective process and tools to assess candidates in a valid and dynamic way. We have extensive experience of designing and implementing Assessment Centres, structured interviews and simulation exercises, using appropriate psychometrics to give additional insight.

We can carry out the assessments for you or provide the assessment training and resources to your line managers and HR professionals to deliver a skilled internal resource. Alternatively we can work in partnership with you to deliver the assessments, giving you the best of both worlds.

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