Your people are your greatest asset and possibly your greatest cost. You need to develop them to release their full potential.

We understand the pressures you face. Market disruption from left field competition, political and regulatory changes leading to changes in strategy, leaders needing to navigate more complex and multidimensional issues, all against a need to stretch development budgets further. You need to develop leaders with the capacity to think, relate and act in more expansive ways, teams that work well together to solve problems, and fast. And you need effective transition for new employees, so they add value now, not in six months’ time.

Underpinned by adult development or as it’s more popularly known Vertical Development, we offer development solutions which stick for leaders, groups and teams to ensure they thrive and survive in challenging and changing environments.

Leadership development

In world that is changing fast and in unpredictable ways, leaders can no longer rely on the capabilities they have drawn upon in steady state environments – the demands seemingly outstrip our capacity to grow leaders able to make sense of the world we expect them to lead.

Our leadership development programmes create the catalysing conditions to support Vertical Leadership Development. Our development interventions are targeted at the bleeding edge of an individual’s or leadership cohort’s stage of development so they grow their capacity to think, relate and act in more complex ways.

Complementing ‘horizontal development’ approaches (which build a leaders’ knowledge and skills), we create positively challenging and supportive learning and experiences. These encourage sustained use of practices that lead to the development of new capabilities and in time, shifts in their developmental stage.

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Executive coaching

Our executive coaching offer helps your people to succeed in their current role or to prepare for a new one. Coaching is a powerful approach to improving business performance, through confidential one-to-one development sessions.

An assessment may have shown that an executive needs support in specific areas, to deliver their best performance. Or they may want coaching that’s transformational, to prepare them for the next step up the ladder and to challenge their current way of doing things.

Coaching typically lasts for six sessions. It’s important to set the context for coaching, so programmes usually start with our coach meeting the individual and their sponsor, to discuss the coaching agenda and to ensure the coaching is aligned to your business direction.

Then we work with the individual, to explore current and possible ways of doing things, situations in which a behaviour or approach is useful or not, and the possible impact on others. Coaching is about learning and change, so we often experiment with new ways of acting, to increase the individual’s effectiveness and performance.

At the end, we typically meet the individual and sponsor again, to assess the impact of our coaching and the value it has added. All of our executive coaches are qualified and in regular supervision, to ensure they offer you a consistently high standard of support.

Transition and onboarding

People who are new to organisations or roles face particular challenges. In fact, research shows that up to half of senior hires fall short and even stars can take years to succeed in new roles.

Our transition and onboarding offer aligns your promoted or newly hired talent with your strategy and culture. We work with them and you, so they understand what’s expected and how their role contributes to your organisation’s goals. We also help them to build peer networks, for mutual support and sharing ideas. The results are both practical and emotional: faster, more effective delivery and a strong sense that your organisation values them.

Developing your teams

Our knowledge of people and psychology allows us to design bespoke, group-based interventions that develop your people’s behavioural skills. This can include skills for influencing, coaching and holding effective and candid performance conversations.

We also support the development of high-performing teams. These programmes help team members to understand:

  • what they need to deliver
  • their individual roles and accountabilities
  • the team’s processes for decision making and communicating, and
  • the team’s behaviours and relationships.

This support can be one-off or ongoing, to assist the team as it navigates through a rapidly changing environment.

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