MDV Consulting are leadership and talent consultants.

The need for talent which can navigate and prosper under fluid conditions has never been greater. Organisations increasingly recognise the rewards – and the risks of getting it wrong.

Aligning talent activities to your strategy is proven to drive increased productivity, profits and market value. Best in class organisations – the top fifth of talent managers – deliver shareholder returns that are more than 20 percentage points above average.

Conversely, failure to invest in talent or selecting the wrong people hits your revenues, customer satisfaction, your ability to deliver and your long-term position in your market.
We help you address these challenges, through three core services.

Why use us?

Our expertise and experience mean we’re trusted by world-leading organisations to solve their human resources challenges. They know we deliver the results we promise, to time, budget and collaboratively.

We tailor our services to address your issues, selecting from our broad network of associates to create a team that complements and responds to your needs. And we’re easy to work with, with a professional, pragmatic and friendly approach that builds long-lasting relationships.