Developing leadership capacity for complexity

Working harder and faster isn’t the solution to the complexities of life that challenge us and our organisations.

Our capacity to act more wisely to make sense of what is known in the face of what isn’t – will be the differentiating factor in creating companies that can thrive. We specialise in creating that capacity through supported practices applied to daily challenges.

I feel good and empowered. I have the tools.”

Law firm partner

Online practices and habits to grow wiser leaders

MDV’s development programs have always helped leaders grow to meet their complex challenges. Now, to lighten the burden on learners, budgets and our planet, and to respond to hybrid working, our development practices are also offered online. They are part of our blended learning approach, supported by development experts. These practices help leaders to develop their capacity to think, relate and act in more expansive ways when approaching challenges and dealing with uncertainty. A sneak preview of some of these practices can be seen in this video.

Growing the capacities our complex times require

Our digital development options help you think more fluidly about dilemmas, make sense of the complexity in a problem and consider the most appropriate responses. These interventions also help leaders learn how to seek out and listen to multiple perspectives, becoming aware of how one’s own assumptions may be impacting on decision-making.

“The idea of how quickly things can change, how uncertain things can be, has now really landed experientially for people… there is a real challenge in how we respond to that.”

Skill sets: knowledge and practices from our online development offer

“The Polarity Navigator tool has really helped with getting
a better balance of empowerment with managing.”

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