Virtual Learning Resources

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding resources and content here to help you learn more and put into practice the information from our virtual learning sessions

Applying Cynefin to my challenges

If you’ve attended our first virtual learning session on Cynefin, use these worksheets to help you understand how to apply the Cynefin framework, map your challenges against the different domains and reflect on how you might respond differently if looking through a Cynefin ‘lens’. If new to Cynefin, e suggest you view David Snowden’s video on this before attempting these worksheets.

Developmental capacities

As described in Karen Ellis and Richard Boston’s book Upgrade, these four underlying capacities make up our ways of making sense of ourselves, each other and the world in which we are operating. This is an excerpt from Page 12 of the Upgrade book.

The Cynefin framework described by David Snowden

The Cynefin Framework allows leaders to see things from new viewpoints and address real-world problems and opportunities. The framework helps executives sense which context they are in so they can make better decisions but also avoid the problems that arise when their preferred management style causes them to make mistakes. Here Dave Snowden introduces the framework, explaining its origin, evolution and function.

Making sense of complicated and complex challenges

Navigating ‘Complex’ challenges requires different capabilities from those we so often call upon to solve ‘Complicated’ issues. Developing these capabilities can be enhanced by regularly practising a series of ‘Habits’ whilst the Cynefin framework can be used to make sense of whether a situation is ‘Complicated’ or ‘Complex’. This worksheet shows example habits which can be used to develop these capabilities.