Summer reads to reboot your leadership

With Summer upon us, hopefully your thoughts are turning towards getting some downtime to recover and restore before moving onto Autumn’s next set of challenges. And wherever you’re spending it and whatever you’re doing, you may be thinking about your Summer reading. So, to inspire new ideas and help view your leadership challenges with a fresh perspective, we’ve highlighted a selection from the past few months, of our most popular articles and videos which we think are worth adding to your reading list. And afterwards, we’d love to hear from you on which you enjoyed the most so let us know.

Leading differently

A transformational third way?

Photo by Tim Wildsmith on Unsplash

It seems daily we face tough choices in both our personal and professional lives where we expend tremendous energy and emotion without necessarily coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Mel Long’s article Navigating Complexity: a problem to be solved or a polarity to be navigated shares how alternative ways forward can be found by exploring the benefits of each end of the pole to find the ‘best of both’ but she also reflects on what’s at stake when our own beliefs can hold us back from imagining new ways.

Experimenting not ‘experting’

We automatically tend to revert to approaches which have previously worked for us drawing on expertise and past experience. But navigating the current complexity and uncertainty calls for new approaches; such as introducing safe to fail experiments to learn as we go.Mike Vessey’s weekly blog on using ‘in the moment’ team development, is a true example of experimenting rather than reverting to what was done in the past. Follow this at: Team Experiment – a blog and his second blog at: Team Experiment Blog post 2

Pop-up virtual learning

Back by popular demand sees our most viewed video of the year which is a speedy, zany trailer of the many areas explored in our recent virtual learning series.  You can watch this and explore the rest of the series at:

The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of Adult Development

At MDV, we talk a lot about the transformative power of Adult Development in helping leaders make sense of their world in more expansive ways. But there are many theorists and much terminology in the field, so we thought it would be useful to curate a few of the best current pieces which we think explain more simply what Adult Development actually is and why it is so needed now. Our current Top Three are:

1. What is Vertical Development?

Currently and more than ever, organisations want leaders who are agile, res