White papers

Certain Uncertainties – Measuring vertical development and its impact on leadership

The field of vertical development is gaining momentum as a way of helping leaders and individuals cope and thrive in the demands of today’s complexity and uncertainty. But what is the actual evidence of the impact of vertical development? Our latest paper uncovers the impact of vertical development and answers many burning questions about the validity and reliability of this approach including, amongst others:

  • What evidence is there of developmental stages in adulthood?
  • Are measures of development stage theoretically sound?
  • Do individuals and organisations find value in the idea?
  • Do leaders at later stages perform better within VUCA environments?

What in the world is going on? Mapping Vertical and VUCA beyond the bandwagon

It is now a truism to say that organisations can no longer rely on any ‘steady state’ realities – but much leadership assessment and development activity is based on the assumption that we know what type of leaders we will need in the future. 

Stable, Certain, Simple, Unequivocal: If this describes your organisation, you might not need to read what follows. Drawing on client practice and the exploratory research sitting behind the MDV approach, our article begins a pragmatist’s guide to VUCA and Vertical. It offers three key capacity areas, five key capabilities and an integrating framework for adult developmental implications in a VUCA world.