Virtual learning to meet the complexity before us

Our MDV community hopes you are well and staying healthy. We have been thinking together about helping people stay connected, maintain good mental health and look forward.

Our purpose is to grow people to meet the complexity before them. So we want to support people to increase their capability to lean in and navigate these more demanding times, and with greater resilience. As our contribution to keep momentum going and support people’s personal growth, we are hosting a newly-created series of virtual learning sessions, which are open and free to anyone over the coming weeks.  They focus on sharing habits and practices to think, relate and act in more expansive ways and give a chance for us to be together. 

Our first session was held on Thursday 26th March and the next few are as follows below. Follow the Zoom links below to join. We are also livestreaming these on YouTube

Psychological resilience
Thursday 2nd April 12.00-13.00 BST

In difficult times, we all need to extend our capacity to stay centred, maintain balance and re-find our equilibrium when things knock us off course. This session will offer two short self-management exercises to help you ‘keep your head’ when the world around you goes off kilter.  

Complex Causality
Thursday 9th April 12.00-13.00 BST

Complex challenges can have multiple and unclear cause and effects and many interrelated aspects. This session helps people to see the wider system in play for an issue and understand how changes in the cause and effect on one part of the issue’s system, can have consequential effects on other parts.

Relationship resilience
Thursday 16th April

Navigating dilemmas
Thursday 23rd April

Social resilience
Thursday 30th April

Each session will have 30 minutes of content around a habit, practice and idea, followed by a further (and optional) 30 minutes of a ‘digestif’ change of pace to round out our learning. Like a digestif, this will help you settle your meal, provide a little relaxation and enable some kind of integration as you meet the world.

Provocation sessions

In addition, we are hosting a separate series of 60 minutes ‘Provocation’ sessions. In this more discursive space, we will come together to respond to a wide range of provocations and practices that provide intrigue and sustenance. To be sent details of these, email and we will forward the dates and times for these when finalised.

Already happened

Making sense with Cynefin – Thursday 26th March 2020 – Cynefin, (a Welsh word meaning sense of place) is a sense-making framework developed by David Snowden of Cognitive Edge. In this session Mike Vessey looked at how you can use it to help you make sense of an issue and use the different domains in the framework to decide how to respond.
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